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Our Services

We are dedicated to helping the women and youth of our communities succeed and thrive through storytelling. Check out our programs below.

Narrative Justice

Fiscal Sponsorship

We are dedicated to working with advocates for marginalized women and youth. Our fiscal sponsorship opportunities are extended to projects that align with our mission to empower historically oppressed communities through outreach and narratives.  



Image representing educational justice and outreach

Educational Outreach

BGW promotes educational justice through our programs that provide immersive experiences for women and youth. We are passionate about promoting scholarship, leadership, and service.

BeMore Creative Community Studio, Ghana

In partnership with Sir Francis Nunoo and Farmer Nell, CEO of Be More Green, we offer a variety of visual arts opportunities to lift and empower the community.  The community studio was created to spark untapped interest in visual arts.  Youth learn valuable skills to promote career development, entrepreneurship and public speaking.

BGW Brazil

Our resident artist, Falani Afrika together with Elem Silva founded our ESL program in Brazil. Visit to learn more about Maestrina Da Favela. 

BGW MyBlock MyStory

We use narratives to promote justice and healing. Youth use the art of storytelling to write and share narratives to empower themselves and the community.


Public Health Institute

Spoons & Stories

BGW promotes health justice. Our Spoons & Stories project was created to combat food insecurity and health disparities.  We lift women and children through genealogy education and narrative outreach.  

BGW #HealthWealth is a global wellness model.

Spoons & Stories explores the connections between genealogy, food, narratives and health outcomes.  We encourages women and youth to research family history, share stories and create healthy meal plans.

Community Relationship Enrichment Center

In partnership with Coach Lynelle, CEO of S.O..A. R. Coaching, LLC, BGW offers a variety of workshops, small groups, and activities to improve mental health of individuals and families.  Coach Lynelle helps individuals improve communication skills and achieve their dreams to create joy.   


Healing Circles

Our iHealing Circles promote maternal and child health, healthy relationships, and holistic wellness for women through narratives, discussions, and advocacy.


Economic Development

Project 31 Career Institute

P31 Career Institute for Women helps marginalized, disabled, and single mothers with interview and resume skills.   In partnership with Career Forward Consulting, our Career Institute is designed to increase female advancement, leadership and employment in marginalized communities to combat economic disparities, violence and injustice.  

Financial Wellness Institute

In partnership with Jermaine Crandall, CEO of Zion Noah Capital, we provide practical financial planning and home ownership education for women.  We also offer a financial literacy program for youth. 

Narrative Power

We are our stories, and our stories have power. Words can change the world.

-Rica Wilson, Founder of BGW

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